According to casino owner Steve Wynn, he has worked in the casino for ten years and has never seen anyone who can win money from the casino for a long time.
Not long ago, when Steve Wynn was a guest at CBS (CBS), he was asked some questions about the psychology of gamblers, especially those who tasted the sweetness at first. What was their psychology? Wynn was asked in “60 Minutes”: “As far as your experience is concerned, have you ever seen any players 우리카지노who have turned away after winning big money at the casino?”
Wynn replied: “I have never seen such a person.”
“Is there such a person to appear in the days to come?”
Wynn’s answer was to shake his head.
In other words, the reason why casinos can be profitable is not only because the games in the casino are set in a way that is biased towards the casino. The casinos are profitable because they are winning for those who have just won the money. Turning away immediately after the money is a very challenging thing. During the interview, Wynn repeated the phrase “I want to earn money from the casino, that is, I run a casino myself”.
Wynn said this sentence is not surprising, but this sentence is very unusual from the mouth of a casino owner worth more than 100 million. The casino owner actually said so frankly that he wants to be entertained. It is very difficult for players who win on the field.
Although many people know that casino 코인카지노games are just an entertainment, these games are not everyone’s way of making money, but obviously many players who come to casino games are not aware of this. American casinos earn billions of dollars a year from players.
Las Vegas, the largest casino in the United States, recently, like Macao, has put more money on the local tyrants. “Big fish” (sometimes called by local tyrants) often gets the star service provided by the casino because they want to benefit from these big fish. These local tyrants are really bad at times. Once they start playing, they will definitely lose. Just like Las Vegas legend Terrance Watanab’s performance in 2007, he lost on the high stakes table. Billion dollars or something. That year, Watanab somehow made a bad decision in the game at 21 o’clock.