Although the EPT San Remo Main Event has come to an end, in the A group, the 카지노사이트confrontation between the two top female Texas Hold’em players has made us feel the “same-sex dispute” sparked. Now let’s take a look back at the battle of the two female players in our team:
Day1A of the EPT Season 10 San Remo Main Event has recently started to take off. In 2013, Kitty Kuo, the No. 1 Asian GPI female player, collapsed after watching the seating schedule. Last year, the world’s GPI ranked first female player. Vanessa Selbst was sitting next to her, and Kitty couldn’t help but tweeted: “I told the event manager that I wanted to switch to Day1B, the event manager knew I was afraid of Vanessa, and then she gave me a suggestion: Well, sister. Paper, if you are afraid of Vanessa, you can quit in the first round.”
Ok, it seems that it is impossible to switch to Group B, so Kitty said in Twitter and Vanessa: “Can you not 3bet so often? Everyone is a woman, please be nice to me.
Vanessa smiled and responded: Hahahaha~ Continue to keep the sister paper, I feel that you will know how to deal with 3bet, and my first level does not play, I hope you will accumulate 100k chips at this level.
Kitty has to be instinct: then can you simply do not play at the two levels so that I can build my chips first!
Regardless, at the second level, when the blinds were 75/150, they were still on the same table:
Kitty has 24,000 chips, she is open350 at the CO position, Vanessa Selbst has 25,000 chips at the button, she calls, the big blind call, the pot 1125.