Since its launch in 2002, the WPT’s quarter-end championship has never left Las Vegas. This year’s competition is very different from previous years, and the competition will be moved to the Park Tower Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The first round of Group A has been officially opened on Monday.
This change is in line with the online game business philosophy of WPT Headquarters in Garden Island. As one of the partners of Win-Win Gaming Digital Entertainment, Party Poker and Baijia Tower have jointly developed online gambling, which was officially launched in November.
According to PokerScout, Topa Tower also has the most visited online poker site in the state.
In the United States, online gambling is legal only in three states, New Jersey is one, and the other two are Nevada and Delaware. But only one state in New Jersey has more gambling taxes than the other two states.
The competition will be officially opened at 11:00 am local time and will last until April 26. Players who have been eliminated in the first round of Group A can be re-buy in the first round of Group B. The time of Group B is 11:00 am on Tuesday.
The previous buy-in for the event was $25,000 and it has now become $15,000. The prize pool will be worth $5 million and the winner will receive a minimum of $1.35 million in prize money. Buying is cheaper than before, which is bound to attract more poker players to the competition.
At the beginning of the game, the poker players had already 카지노사이트blasted the pot on Twitter.
Phil Hellmuth: On the plane to Atlantic City, go to the WPT Championship! The journey is time consuming, but I have dreamed of winning the championship!
Shannon Shorr: On the way to the $15,000 WPT Championship. This time the position has been transferred, in the Atlantic City Baijia Tower. I have scored the final table for the first two participations!
Noah j Schwartz: Going to Atlantic City to participate in the WPT Championship, these days should be fun!