According to the report of the Globe and Mail, Matharu was able to be arrested and brought to justice, relying on his opponent’s help. At the end of November last year, player Uri Miro was attacked at a motel on Olawi Island and was stolen for $5,000 in cash. The hotel’s camera recorded the process of the case at the time and recorded the appearance of the robber at the time. This person was Matharu, but when the police intervened, he had already fled, and Matharu became a national wanted criminal.카지노사이트
This time, in this glow plug, a player in the field recognized Matharu and sent his photo to friend Miro. Miro recognized that the guy was robbing him and then reported to the police. The case.
Both Miro and Matharu are Alberta, and Quebec has accepted the case of Matharu, and whether he will plead guilty, it depends on what he said in court.
Judging from the amount of chips when Matharu was taken away, even if he did not act at all, he would wait until he was blinded to death. He would “die” in the third place and win at least $88,000. However, because of the difference in previous readings. After coming over $5,000, he missed the final table bonus…