Charles Coppolani, the new director of the French 온라인카지노online gaming authority, said in his first interview after taking office: “French online poker may have reached its peak, and then it may be going downhill.” The Secretary explained that the French network One of the main reasons why poker is going downhill is probably because it is no longer popular because it is a bit too angry.
In the words of the Secretary, the decline in French online poker was mainly caused by the economic crisis and the fact that the game itself is no longer so popular. The director mentioned in a press conference: “The status quo of online poker is worrying. As a manager, we should self-review and assume the responsibility. The decline of 온라인바카라online poker and gaming industry is one of the main reasons behind this. Affected by the financial crisis, whether it is online poker or physical gaming, the new customer base has become less and less. In terms of online poker, it is not as popular as before, and its market is already fast. Close to saturation.”
According to a survey conducted on February 14, 2014, the downturn in online poker in France was caused by the activity of “gray operators” in this national gaming market. Although the gaming bureau took many measures, 47% of France Players still admit that they all have a “gray account”, and they will play cards from time to time on platforms that are not officially recognized.
According to a data released by the French Gaming Bureau earlier this month, the number of new users of French legitimate online poker operators fell by 12% in the first quarter compared to 2013, while cash games fell by 19%, but the tournaments were better. , an increase of nearly 9%.
According to an official who has worked in the gaming industry for several years, although it seems that this is only the decline of French online poker, 모바일카지노with the development and deepening of economic globalization, this phenomenon is likely to spread to the whole world, if countries If the peers don’t take precautions, this downturn may spread to those markets that are not well guarded.