The biggest advantage of playing online poker is that you can play multiple games at the same time. When I first started to get into poker, my friend Dave “Raptor” Benefield introduced me to the principle of playing multiple games at the same time, and I decided to give it a try. At that time, those sites only 바카라추천allowed you to open 4 tables at a time, and I quickly mastered this type of playing. If you make a profit of $30 per table per hour, if you open 4 tables at a time, assuming that multiple tables will not lower your equity, you can earn $120 an hour. This is an ultra-simple way to make a big increase in profits. The online website finally allowed us to play 16 tables at the same time, so that our profits have become higher. At the same time, your equity at each table will begin to decrease.
If you play SNG, assuming you have a 10% return on your usual 4 tables, then when you start playing 16 tables, your win rate is only 5%. If you play a $10 game and you earn 4 dollars per hour when you play 4 tables, you can earn 8 dollars per hour when you play 16 tables. Although the win rate per table has been cut in half, it is clear that playing 16 tables will allow you to make more money.
I have taught a lot of students. Some students learn how to play multi-table games when I encounter them, and some students need a lot of work to learn this skill. If you used to play a table at a time, then next time you can try to open two tables at a time, and then insist on playing for a week. After this stage, you can increase to open 3 tables, then continue to play for a week, then open to 4 tables, and so on. When you play a multi-table game, once you have finished the action at a certain table, you should not stay at that table and watch the rest of the game. You should turn to another table and the other turn to you. The table to make the decision.
I recommend that you manage 바카라사이트your table in tile mode, which will make it easier for you to focus on each table. When you choose a tiled table, there will be a table in every corner of the display, so that the tables will not overlap. When you develop to play 9 tables, you can place them in a stepped manner. These tables will partially overlap. The first table is distributed in the upper left corner of the display, and the last table. It is distributed in the lower right corner of the display. If you just use a monitor, the operation may be easier. If you use multiple monitors, you 토토사이트can still place the tiles in tile mode. If you have been running enough time, playing a multi-table game will become a habit for you. Now if I play online, I always open at least 6 tables at the same time, and they only take up a little attention.