Originally thought that China’s Hawker can break through the “blockade” of the Western “powers”, killing the encirclement and raising the victory cup of the PokerStars Finals Super High Roller. Whoever thought that the “blockade” of “powers” is still too strong The two Chinese high-powered 카지노사이트passengers are not enough firepower. They can only watch the “powers” take the fruits of victory as usual.
Chinese player Lo Shing Fung entered the final table as a chip leader. However, after 12 hours of competition, his chips were wiped out. Most of his chips were forced to seize the opportunity. Squandered. In the end, our Chinese Hawker was kicked out by Kurganov in the top. In the final game, Lo Shing Fung’s multiple draws did not encounter a miracle, lost to the opponent’s top pair, and fell to the 5th place. It also won a prize of 493,340 euros.
With the release of Lo Shing Fung, only Richard Yong was able to glory for the country at the final table. Although Richard was calm and calm at the last moment, his calmness still failed to help him win the opportunity to stay. The KJ high card failed to make good luck and lost to Daniel “mrGR33N13” Colman’s pocket pair 5, followed by fellow Lo Shing Fung, fell to the 4th place, “captured” 637,600 euros.
Daniel Colman, who eliminated Richard, and opponent Daniel Cates 더킹카지노entered the single challenge. The former started with a 5:3 chip advantage. In the final hand, Cates put all his 11 big blinds on the button with {Qd}{10c}, and Colman called with {Kh}{6h}, and the card sent {9d}{6d }{3c}{3h}{Ah}, Colman thus sealed the victory.
After three days of fierce competition, the 23-year-old American heads-up SNG specialist Daniel “mrGR33N13” Colman eliminated the remaining 49 players and won the first prize of 1,539,300 euros and the glory of the EPT Super Hawker.